I have been studying InMotion Hosting as part of my ongoing search for the best website hosting company for some time. I want to improve the hosting world overall through honest, unbiased reviews and to-the-point feedback.
For that reason, I purchased an InMotion shared hosting plan and set a default WordPress installation. Then I measured its performance to see the original response time and behavior under the load of inMotion servers.
I also spoke several times with the support team, looked at the terms of service, checked the price structure of this independent hosting provider to give an honest and detailed web hosting review.
Read through it and see if InMotion Hosting is the best possible hosting provider for your site.

What is inmotion hosting?

InMotion Hosting is one of the largest independent web hosting providers.
In the web hosting world, independent means that the company is not owned by GoDaddy or EIG. This is generally a good thing.
However, this is not the only thing for InMotion. Since its inception in 2001, the host has focused on the aura of true idiocy and a strong focus on technical perfection – very admirable qualities in the hosting sites business. Apparently, many thousands of people think the same, given that InMotion hosts about 350,000 domains in its two data centers.
As a result, inMotion hosting is an attractive option for technically knowledgeable users, but my careful examination of the backend and control panel showed a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Additionally, the company gives its own horn big time, claiming its best technical support.
Here’s some forethought for you: The claim is not entirely unfounded.
But support is not everything. One could argue that even if you have an excellent infrastructure, support may not come in handy.
Does InMotion deliver where it matters most?
Is its speed and reliability so heavily advertised?
I will let the numbers speak.

The Essentials – InMotion Uptime, Speed, Support

Uptime, speed and a reliable support team are the foundation of a seamless online presence.

1. Proper Uptime – 99.92%

Without a doubt, uptime is the deciding factor when it comes to web hosting. This is the essence of the service you pay for: putting your website online.
InMotion Hosting promised 99.999% uptime across the board and Business Plan supported the promise with free hosting for users. I was very curious to check if the business plan was actually as reliable as advertised, which is why I prepared my credit card and bought it.
Generally, for these unbiased in-depth reviews, I go for the medium plan offered because I think it is more relevant to most people searching for a new host, but here is an exception.
After a few weeks of monitoring (which is a really short period), I noticed that my site was not online at the promised time.
Just like HostGator, the only valid evidence that the site is down is server logs and no third-party monitoring tools, such as StatusCake Reporting I’m using to create my purpose website hosting reviews.
Unlike HostGator, however, InMotion does not provide a way to check your site’s uptime on its own and should contact support instead.
Which I duly did.
After nearly three years of continuous real-time monitoring, the uptime remains excellent. Its average is 6.93%, which is good news, but it does not once reach the promised heights.
In any case, InMotion does not currently extend any uptime guarantee for shared hosting. It is a bit strange, but the fact is that it is a powerful and reliable host.
Average Uptime 2018 – 99.94%
 2019 – 99.90%
 2020 – 99.93%
Jan- 99.99%
February – 99.78 percent
“Excellent uptime with occasional hiccups.”

2. Average speed

Good Response Time – 0.55s (11th)
Slow Fully Loaded Time – 1.21 seconds (12th)
Quick under load – 0.67s (5th)
 If you run a speed test on My Domain, the results may fluctuate slightly. Even from the same testing stage, two consecutive trials generally exhibit slightly different results. My inMotion site is hosted in Los Angeles, so I tested it from US locations. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.
Speed ​​is the second most important feature of the best web hosting providers (or the worst for that matter).
The longer it takes for a page to load, the worse its ranking with search engines because end users will abandon it too quickly. No one likes slow pages.
The speeds of my benchmark tests don’t look particularly impressive, but they aren’t bad at all. Fully loaded time falls right in the middle of the pack.
InMotion has a proprietary product called Max Speed ​​Zone ™, which offers similar loading speeds worldwide.

I took my time and went to Mumbai, Cindy, Sta. From your site Tested out

ckholm and, sadly, Max Speed ​​Zone simply did not deliver.
The further away my tests were from LA, the longer the loading time increased.
Nevertheless, the trend has been positive in the past few months, with inmotion loading times dropping significantly. If this continues, the company is bound to climb up the rankings in the We Tech City here.
The area where the InMotion server excelled was performance under stress. When I sent 50 virtual users, the hosting machine handled their misuse (50 users making multiple connections simultaneously) with impressive resource delivery.
This alone shows that InMotion has a solid backend that can provide content to an increasing number of visitors without sweating. Some other hosts clock in at impressive response times, but conflicts under load quickly become very real.
Overall, it looks like InMotion Hosting would be one of the top choices if you are looking for a reliable US web hosting company, especially if your site drives a lot of traffic.
Average TTFB in 2018 – 0.80s
 2019 – 0.49s
 2020 – 0.52s
January – 0.56s
February – 0.53s
Avg Fully Loaded Page 2018 – 1.35s
 2019 – 1.12s
 2020 – 1.25s
January – 1.15s
February – 1.19s
Average Response Under Load 2018 – 1.02s
 2019 – 0.56s
 2020 – 0.63s
January – 0.66s
February – 0.63s
“Excellent under load, good loading time for US users.”

3. Excellent Support and Best Support Knowledge Base

InMotion Hosting claims to have the best support team in the web hosting business. This is definitely a bold claim, especially when the likes of Sitegade, A2 and Dreamhost are around.
Still, InMotion has no other host offers: free Skype calls.
Just how awesome is that?
When I ordered my Advanced Hosting Package to be tested and played for this review, InMotion Hosting extended an uptime guarantee. The ambitious 99.999% uptime SLA was breached just a few months after the purchase.
I had a chat with a technical support agent who took my time to check if my site was actually down as long as I was claiming it. He wasn’t overly familiar with ToS (I think he doesn’t have a site hosted with InMotion) but he was willing to help. They checked with a system administrator before transferring me to the billing team.
For some reason, the billing agent wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but quickly figured it out, and I ended up with a month of free hosting.
happy times!
I also spoke with a sales rep to clarify some plan details (more below) and got help right away.
Overall, the support interaction was pleasant and helpful, though a bit slow. In all fairness, the long wait times were well-informed in advance, which is all you can ask for when there is a flurry of support lines.
No matter how good the support, it fades compared to InMotion’s amazing self-help center. It is so good and comprehensive, filled with text and video tutorials that I was resorting to it many times when I was troubleshooting a few years ago as a senior support agent at another company.
The inmotion Knowledge Base is an international treasure!
“Very good support with multiple channels of communication and an absolutely fantastic knowledge base.”

Benefits of inmotion hosting

InMotion Hosting has a stable market presence and continues to improve its infrastructure. It is a company that strives to develop quality hosting solutions.

1. Liberal Schemes

All shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. Terms of service indicate that overuse may lead to warnings and final actions on behalf of system administrators, but does not go into specifics.
While the size of the disk is not limited but the number of files. No shared hosting account can contain more than 50,000 files. Truth be told, it is not a lot of files for the Pro (biggest) scheme, which allows unlimited sites to be hosted. In fact, with a 50,000 file cap, you may not have too many sites. To put things in perspective, the default WordPress installation comes with over 2,000 files.
On the other hand, unlimited bandwidth is unlimited, but I checked how many visitors can serve shared plans without performance issues.
Detected, the InMotion shared hosting setup can handle between 500-800 page views per hour. This is about 400,000 page views per month (going for a low estimate) which is not bad. Pageviews are not equal to unique visitors, but the number is fairly solid.
Overall, the plans are generous, even when file limitations can be realized.

2. Powerful Site the creator

InMotion Hosting is the developer of BoldGrid, one of the

E most powerful website builder at the moment. It works on WordPress and can create practically any type of site.
This is not without its drawbacks, but it can be said of just about every site-building platform. The main problem with site builders is the extra code they need to work. Bloated coding can affect site speed and performance.
In this regard BoldGrid is relatively lean, largely thanks to the fantastic templates it provides.
If you are looking for site-building tools in a self-hosted environment, BoldGrid is one of the best options.
BoldGrid is included in all shared hosting plans.

3. Excellent WordPress Host

InMotion Hosting lagged behind other top hosting providers in creating dedicated WordPress hosting packages, but the company’s shared hosting solutions also provide quality.
The server setup is well optimized to work with WordPress. Not surprising there, as InMotion has developed its own site builder that works on top of WordPress.
As a result, support teams are WordPress experts and can help beyond basic configuration issues. They would be better, as all shared plans are installed automatically with WordPress, with some useful basic plugins such as Jetpack and Akismet.
I told you that Initially InMotion was after technically knowledgeable users and confirms the presence of WP-CLI (CLI means command-line interface) under all three shared schemes.
If you are planning to use WordPress, then choosing a shared hosting plan to go with makes a lot of sense both financially and technically. Once your site is sufficiently developed, you can consider switching to a dedicated WordPress package. InMotion started offering them as well, and they seem very solid but cost more than regular shared hosting.
Overall, InMotion Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting providers for 2021.

4. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting shows the confidence of some of the best hosting companies and then some. The industry standard money-back guarantee is 30 days, with an occasional hosting provider that is up to 45 days.
InMotion bravely goes where no other host has ever gone before, offering an unseen 90-day money-back guarantee.
You may think that this marketing is overkill but it is not. 30 days, especially the first 30 days, are not much in the life of a new website. A month is a very short time to generate any meaningful traffic and properly test your site.
With proper outreach efforts, content strategy and good SEO practices, in 90 days you can start seeing some meaningful traffic. This is when the hosting company shows the true value, such as a personal computer can also serve a site with meaningful speed. For one or two users.

5. Stellar Infrastructure

InMotion Hosting operates two data centers, one in the east and one on the west coast of the United States. They are highly secure facilities with reserved power supply, cool cooling and jazz.
In fact, I could speak very quickly. Another great part.
Equipped with SSDs across the board, InMotion data centers rely on RAID-6 configurations for unprecedented redundancy. Without going into RAID technology, it suffices to say that a RAID-6 setup can sustain twice as many complete disk failures.
Mind, disk failure and data redundancy are not backups, so you should always keep a recent copy of your website.
Or not.
Because, you know, InMotion Hosting has one for you.

6. Free Backup

All shared hosting plans include free backups. They may not be daily, as is the case with scalahosting, but 36 hours is a reasonable frequency. For this feature to work, your site must be 10GB or smaller.
In addition to automatic backup, InMotion Hosting puts fully functional backup tools for cPanel in your hands. Most other respected hosts have also enabled this, but InMotion takes extra steps to encourage you to use it through a simple yet informative tutorial.
As it is said, once the user data is backed up, he will have an example of it; Teach a user how to backup their own data, they will never lose a file again.

7. +400 Apps and Freebies

You have not seen many hosting providers, even the best ones reviewed here offer such functional richness. Most all other hosting companies that I have reviewed come with a standard Softcoolus 1-click installation package of 80–100 applications.
InMotion, with its geek-oriented approach, goes for over 400 installations across all plans.

To accommodate some more complex applications, Postg in addition to the standard MySQL in the hosting provider Includes reSQL databases.

All promotion plans can use free SSL. Helpful for those who want to run an ecommerce gig.

Another useful freebie is a $ 150 worth of advertising credits from which all shared plans can benefit. To put it in context, you can buy $ 150

You have been hosting for two years!
Talking about buying things, you also get a free domain name.

8. Migration

You can get three cPanel sites for free at InMotion. Or rather, the InMotion Hosting support team can bring them to you for free.
Free migrations are very useful because the receiving server is often set slightly differently than the original server. Glitches, bad pages, and whatnot enough to vary. The skilled inbound migration team must know how to avoid downtime and any unwanted website behavior.
The promotion support team promises just that.

9. Fast Backend

The control panel or AMP, as dubbed in InMotion Hosting, is nothing special, but the layout is functional enough. Its most impressive feature is the very fast response times, which also translates to a much faster cPanel and WordPress admin area.
Everything loads lightning fast in all three areas, making all aspects of site management a more enjoyable experience.

10. largely positive user reviews

InMotion Hosting commands ferocious loyalty, as is evident from most user reviews. Designed for more technically oriented users, the hosting provider receives an acknowledgment for its superb infrastructure and numerous developer tools.
In fairness, there are some complaints about InMotion Hosting, mostly about billing issues and unusable support.

Disadvantages of promotion hosting

Sometimes, InMotion makes you stop and think twice. I took note of many of the issues I encountered while testing and testing InMotion services for this detailed hosting review. The company is not perfect, and while none of the downsides are serious culprits, you should know where the service is lacking so that you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the best website hosting option for you.

1. 50,000 file limit

I mentioned that the 50,000 files limit in most cases is not a serious deterrent for a small and even medium plan. However, banning the Pro plan is slightly more. People usually buy larger hosting plans to accommodate more space and accommodate larger sites.
This limitation is poorly understood.

2. Potentially Slow Account Activation

Often, the InMotion security team examines new customers by calling them and asking for verification, especially if the new customer is based outside the US. They are polite and don’t ask for anything inappropriate (a passport will do), but this is something that should be taken into consideration.
The company does well to convey this so it does not come as an unwanted surprise.

Do we recommend invention?

Yes, inMotion is a very solid choice for US-based sites with moderate to high traffic demands.
The response time of my benchmark test report is not as good, but they are not bad either. The company has a very efficient support team and excellent knowledgebase.
InMotion is an excellent place to increase your online presence, as the host boasts a great reputation when it comes to virtual and dedicated servers.
In fact, on average, its products are slightly more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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