If you follow the We Tech City, you know that this review of Hostwinds was long overdue.
The host has been at the top of our Windows and VPS hosting charts for months, and that concern is going nowhere. If anything, Hostwinds is one of the fastest-expanding hosts, with a user base of 30 million customers and counting.
Needless to say, now is the time to bring its shared hosting plans into the limelight.
Why do I have a provider for spin. I tested all the major aspects of Hostwinds hosting offers — uptime, speed, and support — and inspected the provider for any outstanding properties (or defects).
I’ve outlined all the data I’ve collected in a comprehensive review below. This will tell you what Hostwinds offers and where it stands in relation to other top hosting providers.
Keep reading to find out more.

What is Hostwind?

Hostwinds was founded in 2010 with the mission to raise the bar for web hosting solutions everywhere. While it is not as old as some companies, being successful in a highly competitive industry for a decade is no small feat.
Today, the host remains independent and adheres to the principles of quality hosting with a “customer comes first” attitude. Hostwinds has several awards for its efforts, including being among the top 500 fastest growing privately owned companies.
The tendency to believe everything that is believed makes everyone a nuisance. Although Hostwinds is by no means a small provider, the independent companies have a strong technical prowess and stellar customer service. In fact, often such providers outperform giants like GoDaddy.

The Essentials—Hostwinds Uptime, Speed, and Support

Server availability, load speed and customer service are the three pillars of every hosting solution. If they move, the entire stage may crumble. Hostwinds makes some pretty bold claims on all three of these fronts. I tested the solution in 2021 thanks to a good Hostwinds review and found out how it really performed:

1. Hostwind uptime — 99.99%

Where hosting is concerned, some factors are important as to server availability. Uptime is simply the percentage of time a server is up and running. Ideally, you will have hosting available 100% of the time.
Of course, things are rarely ideal. Hardware and software issues, security threats, and a dozen other factors can cause a server to go offline. All providers experience this, and even giants like AWS have the occasional service interruption.
The best thing a web hosting service can do is to keep downtime to a minimum. Many providers give their customers peace of mind with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This does not ensure more than 40 minutes of downtime per month, which is reasonable.
Well, that’s where Hostwinds decides to give other providers a run for their money. It raises the stakes by extending the 99.999% uptime guarantee, which allows 30 seconds of downtime per year.
Now, it seems a little off there. Even on a cloud platform, the host will have trouble maintaining it for a long time.
Why I have looked at the SLA before going with Hostwinds Server Review. Of course, the guarantee is checked. If you have more than 30 seconds of downtime, you can submit a ticket, and the provider will extend your service for a full day. A great offer is going, and it ensures that the host will work hard to maintain the correct availability.
To Hostwinds’ credit, the uptime falls within the promised range. Over several months of testing, the host recorded uninterrupted service.
Hostwinds guarantees almost complete availability. What’s more, during the testing of this Hostwinds 2021 review, it delivered just that.
“Hostwind promises the highest level of availability, and it honors the guarantee.”

2. proper speed

Response Time – 0.39s
Time for a fully loaded website — 1.0s
Under load – 0.78s
If you run a speed test on My Domain, the results may fluctuate slightly. Even from the same test platform, the two tests generally exhibit slightly different results. My site is hosted in Seattle, so I tested it from US locations for this Hostwinds review. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.
Slow website speed is a curse for many people. Slow load times lead to high bounce rates, poor SERP status, low recurring visitors, and many other bad side effects.
While website optimization plays a big role here, it all starts with the hosting provider. If it takes ages for servers to respond and successfully deliver content quickly, speeding up your website becomes an uphill battle. In addition, the provider’s server infrastructure directly affects how fast your web app is under heavy traffic.
So speed is one of the first things that I checked for this Hostwinds review.
I linked a basic website to several testing tools and checked how the provider handles itself. I recorded how long it takes for the host’s server to respond, a whole The page loads, and the response time is affected by heavy traffic.

For starters, the server has 0.390 seconds for the first byte. Proved

It even performs well in the match of Hostwinds vs Bluehost, which is impressive. What’s more, it’s only milliseconds behind top performers like SiteGround and DreamHost.
That is, I sent 50 virtual users, who made about 300 connections to the server. This reduced the response time to an average of 0.78 seconds. Waiting times around the 30-user mark accelerated slightly, but they quickly stabilized, which is positive.
The backend feels heavy traffic, but handles it better than most providers. The results are very reasonable for a shared host, making Hostwinds a reliable provider.
“Hostwinds servers record fast response times that endure under heavy traffic. Content delivery speeds are also reasonable, although some hosts are a bit faster.”

3. Knowledgeable Support

Support is a bigger deal in hosting than many webmasters realize. In turn, neglecting to test how support performs is a major disadvantage of purchasing a hosting plan.
In fact, being hosted with a provider with poor support is like running tightly without a safety net. Sure, as long as everything works, you’ll be fine. Once things get worse, though, you’ll regret not getting confirmation that the support does its job.
On the other hand, a well trained support team can help you do great things. Agents can help you optimize your website and grow your online presence.
Many Hostwinds reviews praise the host’s support team, so I was curious to see it.
I’m glad to see that Hostwinds explains how to contact support at the top of each web page. This is in stark contrast to giants like Hostinger which force customers to jump through hoops before contacting the technical team.
You can use phone, email ticketing or live chat to contact Hostwinds 24/7. I tried the latter several times and always connected within seconds—even in the middle of the night!
I started with a few simple questions about Hostwinds’ hosting plans. The agent replied with a link to the said plans. This, of course, was not a good start.
When I got into more complex queries the support for it more than made up. The agents were happy to answer all my questions about matters such as resolving blacklisted IP addresses. They also offered to help me install my third-party SSL certificate.
One thing to note is that agents are kind of sticklers to protocol. Once you become a customer and need some assistance for your web hosting service, you will have to verify your identity every time you contact.
One issue is that many of the knowledge base category links are broken. If you need to find an article, you have to use the search tool. It works fine, but it gives a poor overview of the knowledge base. This is a simple problem to fix, but, as things stand, navigation can be improved.
“Hostwinds customer service reviews reveal a very knowledgeable support team and a rich knowledge base. There are some potential improvements here and there, but the overall impression is positive.”

Benefits of Hostwinds

Hostwinds enjoys playing with the strength of its good performance and attentive customer support. However, it still spices up the deal with various features. And, according to multiple Hostwinds reviews, the provider has a lot to offer. Here are its main advantages:

1. Strong Infrastructure

Hostwinds can run some data centers, but with great technologies. The facilities are all certified with SAS Type II Tier-4 classification.
This means the system has zero points of failure, twice the hardware required for functionality as well as a backup system. To top it off, they have 96 hours of power outage protection. In theory, the web hosting service should be able to provide a minimum of 99.995% uptime.
You can see more information about individual data centers on Hostwinds’ website.
Exact server specs vary slightly from machine to machine. Some commonly displayed hardware are:
Intel Xeon E3 Series 12xx v2 at 2.49GHz and Intel Xeon E5-2670 V2 at 2.50Ghz
RAID-10 redundant SSD storage
Dual 10Gbps connectivity
VPS and cloud plan same serve Let’s go to Su. They add the possibility of running a load balancer for expertly configured KVM virtualization and high reliability. You can check We Tech City Hostwinds VPS review for more details On this.

Suffice it to say, Hostwinds has state-of-the-art facilities. They can support anything thrown at you with top-level reliability.

2. Free Domain

Everyone likes free stuff, and Hostwinds is only too happy to oblige.
If you prepay for a year or more, you receive a free domain name registration. This saves you $15 in the first year of hosting, which is always good.

3. Ready for eCommerce

One unusual feature is a free dedicated IP with all plans, even Starter.
This is especially useful for emailing, setting up custom SSL certificates, and enabling various payment services. This is an important feature for business websites.
One thing to note is that the web hosting solution lacks a system to filter blacklisted IP addresses. If your assigned address gets blacklisted for spam, you can request a new address.
An IP address usually costs $2-4/month. It is a pleasant surprise that Hostwinds has included it for free.

4. Nightly Backup

Backups are the best friends of a webmaster. If something goes wrong with your website, a backup file lets you roll back your server and start as if it never happened. They are an essential measure to keep your data secure.
Hostwinds backs up its servers every night. However, many Hostwinds reviews fail to indicate that these are disaster recovery backups. Hostwinds mainly uses them if something goes wrong on their part.
If you need access to your backup files, you’ll need to get an add-on for $3/month. While it’s a bit difficult to pay extra, it is a robust automated backup solution. It backs up daily, allows access to 45 backup volumes, and stores data remotely in the cloud. Your backup will be safe even if the hosting server is completely lost.
If you need extra security, getting a cloud backup is definitely recommended. However, even without it, Hostwinds will keep you safe from server breakdowns.

5. Windshield and Windspeed Optimization

Both of these are add-on services for users of Hostwinds VPS or dedicated servers. As the name suggests, getting add-ons means Hostwinds’ technical team will optimize the speed and security of your server.
Services include a speed and security audit, web server and database optimization, firewall configuration, and other security and speed optimization measures.
Windshield and Windspeed cost $25 and $40, respectively. They are not services for shared plan users, but once you get into VPS they can be massively helpful. If you’re interested in this type of hosting, you can find out more in our Hostwinds VPS review.

6. Monitoring Add-ons

Monitoring by Hostwinds is another add-on service.
These tools are very similar to StatusCake. You can check the availability of the server, as well as confirm that the various ports, SSL certificates, IP addresses, and webmail are all configured correctly.
Advanced reporting and custom alerts complete the picture. You will always know about the health of your Hostwinds server. The service is a massive time saver as you don’t have to keep tabs on everything yourself.
An excellent addition to this is that the monitoring system can automatically open a support ticket if your server goes down. That way, the technical team will know you need help, even if you don’t even know your website is down.
The add-on costs only $ 2 / month, which is very affordable. Similar third-party services can easily cost at least 4 or 5 times more. Hostwinds is the best web hosting of 2021 if you need integrated monitoring.

7. Business Hosting

In addition to standard shared hosting plans, Hostwinds offers business hosting. These are still technically shared servers, but they are somewhat optimized for high-end business websites.
For starters, business servers run LightSpeed ​​Web Server instead of the standard Apache server stack. Lightspeed achieves faster load times for PHP-based CMSs. This is great if you need Hostwinds for WordPress or have a business running a shopping cart like PrestaShop.
The plans increase the number of emails you can send from 25/hour to 250/hour. This is especially useful for businesses that want to open communication lines for their customers.
Lastly, Hostwinds says that its business servers have 50 clients per machine, compared to 60 clients on regular shared hosting. This should give you slightly more reliable performance.
Of course, business plans aren’t just for businesses. If you need some additional performance, but want to avoid buying a more expensive VPS plan, then a commercial web hosting solution is a good compromise.

8. Instant Account Setup, Free Transfers

For starters, Hostwinds will give you access to

Allows setting up an account. It’s as easy as it sounds. As soon as your payment is made, you will be able to get your site online.
If you already have a site, the provider gives you 60 days to decide whether you need help with your website migration. All you need to do is enter a support ticket and Hostwinds specialist.

EAM will handle it for free. The team does the migration and follows you up to see if everything was done correctly. It’s an excellent service, and it can save you the trouble of doing the migration yourself.

9. Room to scale

Getting a good shared hosting plan is fine and dandy. That said, websites and applications often outweigh shared hosting and require something more robust and flexible.
For such cases, Hostwinds offers a wide range of VPS plans. You can get both managed and unmanaged VPS ranging from basic 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM server to 16 CPU cores and 96GB RAM.
Hostwinds topped the charts in our Windows VPS reviews. It even has elastic cloud plans that are fantastic for handling unpredictable traffic. And, if you need something a little more powerful, the host has some very affordable dedicated servers.
Suffice it to say that Hostwinds leaves you a lot of room to grow and grow.

10. Easy Plan Upgrade / Downgrade

Upgrading your plan type keys to the previous section. Instead of submitting a ticket with support, Hostwinds lets you switch plans almost instantly.
Now, changing your hosting type (for example, moving from shared to VPS) can take some time. This is because you need to move between real physical servers. However, if you only want to get a large (or small) Hostwinds web hosting plan, you can change it in a few clicks. The option is available in your customer area.
This makes scaling through schemes a lot less painful. You can quickly adjust to any traffic changes if your workload increases.

11. Weebly Site Builder Included

Hostwinds has partnered with Weebly and lets you use it through the hosting platform. Weebly is one of the leading website builders and has an incredibly easy way to build a website, which is excellent for beginners.
One thing to note is that by default you have included the free version of Weebly. If you want to access advanced features like e-commerce tools, you will need to buy a premium Weebly plan at standard rates.
Still, being able to run Weebly from Hostwinds’ cPanel interface is a nice feature.

12. 60-day money-back period

Most hosting providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. While this is fine, it usually takes a little longer for new website owners to set up a website and see traffic roll in. This makes it difficult to see how well the platform performs in practical terms.
Hostwinds offers double the industry-standard money-back period. You get more leeway to see if the host works for you without risking a dime of your money. This is a useful benefit, especially if it is your first website.

Hostwinds Cons

All hosting companies have their flaws, although some offer less to complain about than others. Hostwinds do not have significant flaws, but there are some things that many Hostwinds reviews miss. Here are the things you should keep in mind if you sign up with Hostwinds:

1. “Unlimited” Hosting

Unlimited hosting is a tricky subject. Many providers reportedly provide unlimited server resources. The point is that there must be some limits on what customers can do, or one can put too much pressure on the system (which is intrinsically limited, even in a cloud setup) and it should be May break.
In practice, there is always a resource limit, just in case some providers opt for marketing language, which is vague but appealing.
Now, Hostwinds claims to offer unlimited resources across all its shared plans. I contacted support about this while preparing our detailed 2021 Hostwinds review. However, the agent only maintained storage and bandwidth is unlimited.
This practically means that the host decides what is too much, so be careful not to overdo it with the size of your website.
Another thing to note is that according to ToS, you are limited to reaching 100% of a CPU core. If your resource usage exceeds this five times a month, the host will request you to upgrade.
However, this limit is completely correct. Most shared hosts allow you to access it in a lesser way.
You are limited to 256MB of PHP memory (512MB on the Business plans). This is also fine for many WordPress installations, but you will have trouble hosting a more demanding app like Magento 2.
Hostwinds‘ hosting limits are reasonable, but the provider is unnecessarily vague about plans.

2. Limited choice of data centers

It is important to have your website hosted in a facility near your visitors to avoid speed issues. Simply put, the closer the visitor is to the server, the less time it takes for the data to travel. Providers with a cluster of data centers have a better chance of being a facilitator to your target audience.
While Hostwinds runs a powerful server infrastructure, it  The geographic coverage is not comprehensive. It only has facilities in Dallas, Seattle and Amsterdam. While this is fine for a good part of North America and Europe, you can’t really compare Hostwind’s coverage with DS vs. Hostinger or other global providers.

Do we recommend Hostwinds?

We believe!
Hostwinds has good performance and a fast and knowledgeable support team. This is followed by a very reasonable feature offering and advanced add-on services.
Sure, the provider can still fix some flaws, which I pointed out in my Hostwinds review. At an entry price of $2.35/month, however, the host offers solid value for money.
This is a good option, especially for commercial sites that want large scale space.

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