I paid for the HostPapa shared service several months ago and began monitoring its performance through extensive benchmark testing, recording its uptime through continuous live monitoring.
I spent a few weeks assessing the host’s reputation through the specs of expert and user reviews and also carefully read the terms of service and the promised features. The result is a detailed, unbiased HostPapa review that carefully examines all aspects of this hosting provider.

What is hostpapa?

HostPapa Web Hosting, based in Canada, is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario.
Founded in 2006, this privately owned company is growing well and consistently. I have already commented on how the expansion drive often destroys companies. HostPapa seems to have a clear plan in Lokover with a holistic approach that balances the company’s growth with excellent infrastructure and great customer service.
Even though past events are not very reliable predictors of the future, the hostpapa philosophy creates a sense of security and wellness, which are rare items.
These are not empty words.
I collected hard-cold numbers for them to show and they agree with most HostPapa reviews I’ve checked.

The Essential – HostPapa Uptime, Speed ​​and Support

Starting a HostPapa review with pricing and features without first checking its speed, uptime and technical support would be an exercise in futility. If you can’t deliver the necessary stuff, then no fancy trick can put you among the best web hosting providers.

1. Uptime – 99.96%

HostPapa delivers what it promises: 99.9% availability.
I looked at the Terms of Service carefully to see what happens if the uptime falls more but did not even see a word about compensation or refund.
Strange, isn’t it? Especially considering the fact that you can see it on the Service Guarantee page:
Whatever it is, I ran it by the HostPapa Support Team. He assured me that any excessive downtime is recorded and reported to the billing team accordingly which will apply adequate reimbursement to anyone affected.
Now, according to my live monitoring tool my tiny little HostPapa WordPress site was offline for longer than expected in January and February and I did not receive any discounts or explanations from the company’s billing team.
Of course, at the time I missed the opportunity to poke them and ask what was going on, so now I am eagerly hoping that next time I will get the opportunity to see how they handle such cases.
Whatever their response, the fact that there is nothing clear about refunds and compensation in the TOS state is not good.
Average uptime 2018 – 99.99%
 2019 – 99.91%
 2020 – 99.98%
January – 99.99%
February – 99.97%
March – 100%
HostPapa offers an industry-standard 99.9% uptime but reimbursement policy is a bit tricky.”

2. Speed ​​- Fastest shared host

Second fastest reaction time – 0.20s (first)
Excellent Load Time – 0.79s (First)
Superb under stress – 0.20s (3d)
Note: If you run a speed test on My Domain, the results may fluctuate slightly. Even from the same testing stage, two consecutive trials generally exhibit slightly different results. My HostPapa site is hosted in North America, so I tested it from US locations. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.
Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) and Fully Loaded Time matter a lot to SEO and end-user experience (which, by far and large, are the same thing). So I carefully measure both through several benchmarking tools.
HostPapa impressed me by blazing fast. My WordPress site consistently looks at the fastest TTFB I’ve measured to date. The average 200 milliseconds is extremely low and comfortably beats InterServer and Hostinger, which record 0.23 seconds and 0.26 seconds, respectively.
The time it takes for the site to fully load so that users can interact is also brief. Everything is displayed in less than a second for visitors to enjoy.
Not only this, the HostPapa shared hosting platform is able to handle visitors’ inflows and concurrent connections with remarkable ease. At the same time I sent 50 virtual users who opened about 300 requests to the server and it responded to all of them within 0.20 seconds.
There were virtually no spikes or gaps during this bombardment with simultaneous connections.
Average response time 2018 – 0.17s
 2019 – 0.21s
 2020 – 0.20s
January – 0.20s
February – 0.17s
March – 0.18s
Average Fully Loaded Times 2018 – 0.74s
 2019 – 0.85s
 2020 – 0.75s
January – 0.68s
February – 0.87s
March – 0.81s

Response Under Load 2018 – 0.21s

 2019 – 0.20s
 2020 – 0.20s
January – 0.24s
February – 0.22s
March – 0.18s
HostPapa is the fastest shared host on the hosting tribunal when all three metrics are considered.”

3. Great Support

I had some pleasant conversations with the HostPapa Support Team.
At first, I had difficulties figuring out the exact limits of each shared hosting plan. You see, HostPapa is another host who goes for marketing lingo which has no relation to technical realities.
Even after expanding the plan details you can still see classical nonsense like “unlimited SSD”. This time the terms of service have been specified to an extent as to what “unlimited” means, but I wanted something more specific.
So, I had a chat with an assistant support agent, who was decent enough to accept that “unlimited in the true meaning of the word” does not exist anywhere and whenever servers are involved. Because, you know, web servers are nothing more than powerful computers bound by physical boundaries.
The support agent also provided another link to the details of the shared plans where the number of inodes was specified per plan.
It was useful.
Another great thing about HostPapa is the self-help center. The host has a large knowledge base with very helpful guides. They are well written and to-the-point; Complete novices can easily follow the steps.
“Very fast and friendly support with an excellent knowledge base.”

HostPapa. Benefits of

HostPapa is one of the best web hosting services of 2021 for many good reasons. Its shared platform is versatile, affordable, secure and powerful.

1. A Wide Variety of Hosting Options

HostPapa is the ideal hosting solution for all types of small businesses. Forums, wikis, shopping carts, CRM and galleries – you name it, HostPapa can host it and will host it well.
Of course, this is not unique to Toronto-based web hosts as the likes of InMotion Hosting also cater to a large number of apps, but HostPapa takes it a step further. The host has a lot of dedicated resources for many apps.
New users can benefit greatly from the expanded Knowledge Base, but the support team also has above-average knowledge of many products.

2. Excellent User Review

It is not easy for an individual to thoroughly and thoroughly review web hosting providers, no matter how much time and effort has been put into the effort.
Fortunately, people who have used hosts over the years share their positive and negative effects, drawing a more complete picture of the situation.
HostPapa is one of the web hosting providers with best reviews along with Hostinger and FastComet. While not unanimously praised, HostPapa users review poor experience sharing and very few do.

3. Generous Schemes

HostPapa is an affordable host that offers a lot even with the smallest plan. New users will find everything easily accessible, but experienced webmasters will also love a lot of things.
Custom cron jobs, RAID-10 redundancy, CDN, and many other perks are included on the board.

4. Free Migration

It is always good to see this. The Toronto web hosting provider is ready to review and approve the inbound migration of any cPanel account from another host. The support team will transfer all emails, databases and websites free of charge.
The only restriction is to apply for migration within 30 days of signing up for HostPapa. You can migrate over 50 cPanel accounts – even if they are with different providers – for free on HostPapa.

5. Dedicated resources

You may be tired of reading this as it is in all my website hosting reviews for 2021, but I never tire of repeating how great it is to have dedicated server resources. Because it is very good and very important.
I have already said many times how suitable HostPapa is for small business, but the truth is that Host can easily accommodate the growing needs of an expanding company or e-store.
Each of its shared hosting plans promises its users some server resources and allows them to plan for the future and know what they are paying for.

6. Free Website Builder

HostPapa actually ticks all the boxes. The company supports a crazy variety of website creation solutions, but also offers its own website builder.
It is a very intuitive tool that can help you establish an online presence within hours, even without any prior site-building experience. The interface is well-crafted, the number of templates is more than satisfactory – more than 120 – and the functionality is there.
Admittedly, the drag-and-drop builder isn’t the fastest I’ve seen, but it’s pretty enough for everyone and doesn’t significantly hinder site-building efforts.

7. Website Creation Support

If you want to use the company’s website building opportunities, then you need one of its web design specialties. gets free consultation.

This is a great opportunity

O Specify how you envision your online presence and let them create a site for you.
Now, it is not a free service, but it is very inexpensive and quick. I am not placing this service on the list of positivity as I do not have personal experience of it and I do not know what the end result is.
However, its mere presence is something worth mentioning and can certainly help small business owners who really need to run their business and don’t have the time or budget to waste on technicalities. Building websites takes some time and is often more expensive than anticipated.

8. Adequate protection

HostPapa talks about its security measures and I must say that they are enough. Were this my first review of web hosting companies, I would have been highly impressed by its security features, but the truth is they are nothing extraordinary.
However, HostPapa does tick all the boxes.

9. HostPapa WordPress Hosting

At first glance, the WP solution HostPapa offers looks suspiciously like a regularly shared package. But upon closer inspection, you can find that the WordPress plans come with Varnish and WP Preinstalled, plus Jetpack.
HostPapa also promises to automatically update your WP if you wish.
Not bad, especially for that price.

10. Free Training

All new HostPapa customers are entitled to a 30-minute consultation with PapaSquad, which can help with initial setup, general advice, or designing a specific strategy to take the web by storm.
In a sense it is a glorious concierge service, which is an excellent thing in itself, but it can also become a very useful gateway to the world of hosting.
Talking to an expert early, when you are largely unknown, can serve as a rudder for the future.

11. Green Hosting Provider

HostPapa is one of the pioneers of renewable energy in the hosting industry. Dedicated to 100% green energy, the Toronto hosting provider takes a very serious and socially responsible stance on the matter.
Data centers consume huge amounts of electricity; Running them on renewable energy is no small feat.

12. Great User Review

HostPapa is highly valued by its customers. User reviews abound, praising HostPapa’s reliability, performance, and special application support.
HostPapa’s average score is a comfortable 4-out-of-5 star across multiple platforms.

HostPapa Cons

HostPapa does a lot of things right. However, it is still growing and evolving, and there are many aspects of the company’s offering that generally undermine the positive impact.

1. Backup Cost Extra

Dead, taxes and data loss are inevitable.
It is great to have RAID-10 disk arrays, but if you have to pay for data recovery this greatness is reduced by leaps and bounds.
Automatic backup is a fairly standard feature in most modern web hosting packages and, frankly, it grinds my nerves when the hosts pay you for such a basic service.
Most web hosting services reviewed here include (at least) automatic backups with a weekly frequency, but HostPapa is not among them.
Only users of its most expensive plans enjoy this feature, adding to the feeling that the host considers it a super special premium service.
moving on.

2. Unclear Terms of Service

HostPapa promises 99.9% uptime but that promise seems hollow. There is no way to see your site’s uptime without relying on external tools; Neither HostPapa cPanel, nor its customer area indicates uptime.
And while such a feature is rare – HostGator has – practically all hosts that guarantee uptime mention what compensation will be in case of a prolonged outage.
HostPapa does not specify what users will experience more downtime, nor how it will be provided.
Honestly, this is a very shocking omission.

Do We Recommend HostPapa?

A resounding YES!
I won’t – can’t – break free from the trend: HosPapa reviews are largely positive because the corporate provides an honest service. As simple as that.
Very good speed and uptime are protected by honest and helpful support team and that’s enough to make an excellent service. Indeed, the corporate may lack a number of the advanced features the likes of SiteGround and InMotion Hosting provide, but its shared packages are alright rounded.
So much in order that I found it hard to list many negatives in my HostPapa review. Yes, the Toronto-based host doesn’t have a very global presence – no data centers round the world – but it’s good connections, with localized hosting options, i.e. servers in data centers ran by others.
All in all, HostPapa may be a top choice for users whose market is primarily in North America.

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