FastComet is a relatively unknown website hosting provider, but the moment I saw the company’s site, I knew I should check it out carefully.
Only real-time data and accurate measurements can do justice to this technology-oriented, geeky company, so I signed up, created a basic WordPress site, and combined it with robust monitoring tools to give the most detailed FastComet review possible , And questions to answer:
Is fastcomet good?

What is fastcomet?

Located in San Francisco, California, FastComet initially provided hosting and system administration exclusively for corporate clients.
Four years after its inception, in 2013, the company launched a cloud hosting solution, open to private customers and small business owners.
FastComet’s technical skills are evident. With eight data centers on three continents and an extremely detailed website, FastComet looks plagued by technology and infrastructure.
I have never seen any hosting company giving so much information right off the bat. SiteGround comes closer, but the level of detail and information about FastComet is something else.
But does this passion turn into quality service?
Come see what the numbers have to say and what this 2021 FastComet review will eventually look like in a few months.
Mandatory – FastComet uptime, speed and support

1. Excellent uptime – 99.99%

At its core, website hosting has only one meaning: make the hosted site accessible from anywhere, anytime.
Uptime determines whether a service is good or mediocre.
In this regard, FastComet excels. Even though the company’s website makes no promises, the uptime of my WordPress site is quite impressive.
The only downtime registered over six months of monitoring occurred in October and was not enough to bring total availability below 99.9%. About 15 minutes of downtime in six months is absolutely fantastic.
Average uptime 2018 – 99.99%
 2019 – 99.99%
 2020 – 99.98%
January – 99.99%
February – 100%
FastComet keeps a lot of uptime.

2. very good speed

Average Response Time – 0.63s (14th)
Average Load Time – 1.55s (14th)
Proper under load – 1.25s (10th)
If you run a speed test on My Domain, the results may fluctuate slightly. Even from the same test platform, the two tests would normally display slightly different results. My FastComet site is hosted in London, so I tested it from UK locations. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.
Speed ​​is at least as important as uptime. Faster websites see much higher conversion rates, better SEO and greater customer satisfaction. On the other hand, slow pages are penalized by end users and search engines alike.
I tested FastComet with three different tools to get the average time it takes to send the first byte to the server and fully load the home page of my WordPress site.
The results were very good. Even though TTFB is somewhat average, the time it takes for the page to fully load was second only to DreamHost. Later, the results dropped to much higher mean values. FastComet remains relatively fast but far from the leading pack.
Frontend speed is good, but how the server reacts to a swarm of visitors is equally important. So I went to Load Impact and sent 50 virtual users to test the response under load.
In the first few months, the backend was blazing fast, but then its response time doubled. Nevertheless, FastComet servers handle traffic well, but the company has already dropped out of the top 5 of the fastest backend.
The worst result so far was seen in 2.03 seconds in January 2019, but it proved to be a blip. Compared to many other hosts, it is still very fast and is good enough to put FastComet well into the top 10 even in 2021.
The overall results seen FastComet were very stable and fast. The average response time is only 0.92 seconds, but I should clarify that it has almost doubled after the first two months of testing. Initially, it was below 0.50.
FastComet backs up its almost impeccable uptime with decent speed.
Average Response Time 2018 – 0.55s
 2019 – 0.63s
 2020 – 0.64s
January – 0.59s
February – 0.66s
Fully Loaded Pages 2018 – 1.29s
 2019 – 1.72s
 2020 – 1.47s
January – 1.45s
February – 1.26s
Response Under Load 2018 – 0.86s
 2019 – 1.37s
 2020 – 1.28s
January – 1.20s
February – 1.18s
“Very fast service that handles traffic spikes easily.”

3. Excellent Support

I have expressed in the past the feeling that smaller companies provide better customer experiences. FastComet seems to prove that point because it has a relatively small customer base and great support.
Californians have a powerful infrastructure that is maintained by genuine hosting experts. FastComet On any technical blog Check post
You can see the entries in Om or Gyan Kosh.
For this FastComet review, I interacted with support on several occasions and received essentially quick, friendly and helpful responses. So much so that I am no longer sure who is the best service provider in this category.
Until some time ago, SiteGround was indisputably number one, but if I were to compare FastComet vs. SiteGround support, I would have to work harder to pinpoint the clear winner. FastComet definitely has a stellar support team.
FastComet’s knowledge base is very well prepared and has a lot of useful tutorials and guides.
“One of the best, if not very good, support teams in the hosting industry.”

Benefits of FastComet

Truth be told, many FastComet reviews can only be written about the features included by default in a company’s shared solution. I have been monitoring the company regularly for the last 3 years to keep this review up to date and FastComment never ceases to amaze me.
It is moving rapidly towards better technical excellence and development, which is very good to see.

1. Dedicated Planning Resources

One of the main drawbacks of shared hosting is uneven resource distribution. Sometimes, a badly coded – or hacked – site can disrupt server power, slowing down all other domain names hosted there.
FastComet promises very good account isolation and dedicated resources for each site.
This is good news on many levels. Advanced account isolation increases security, while dedicated resources guarantee performance and also clearly show what you’ll get if you upgrade towards a larger plan.

2. Excellent infrastructure

Not only does it have many data centers, but FastComet also fills them with customized servers.
SSDs and a handful of speed boosters across the board provide a stellar performance that puts it firmly in the best SSD hosts. Aggressive GZIP compression, browser-optimized content, lossless data compression, asynchronous resource loading, and keep alive are enabled by default under all shared accounts.
And if this technical grumbling sounds as vague as I suspect, then don’t worry because you don’t need to understand any of it.
It is good enough that the people of FastComet know how to configure these technologies so that all sites hosted with the company perform at optimal levels.

3. Regular backup

Backups and digital data must run concurrently. always.
Especially when the data under consideration is displayed on the Internet for the world to see and use.
FastComet creates automatic backups that are easily accessible through cPanel. The company’s two plans keep a copy for the last seven days, while the biggest plans from the last 30.

4. Free Domain Transfer

FastComet used to have a free domain registration for a lifetime but sadly this feature was discontinued.
Nevertheless, the company offers a solid alternative – completely free inbound domain transfer. Domain transfers, by default, add an additional year to the existing registration.
In other words, moving your domain to FastComet will give you a free year of registration.
Additionally, FastComet offers extremely attractive renewal fees, as the company only charges registry fees from its customers.

5. Very strong protection

FastComet makes security an integral part of its services.
Advanced account isolation via CageFS and Cloud Linux guarantees that an infected site will not spread malware to the server.
The company Web Application Firewall (WAF) is optimized for the most popular content management systems such as Magento, WordPress and Joomla. This prevents 99% of all attempts to gain unauthorized access to hosted sites.
BitNinja adds another layer of security by preventing script injection, DDoS and XSS attacks.
If everything goes south, the FastComet live monitoring and security team is ready 24/7. They can stop any hack in minutes, scan and clean the victim user account.

6. Advanced Tools for Developers

FastComet is certainly user-friendly, but it has not been achieved at the expense of more advanced users.
Conversely, one who has the knowledge and desire can use a wide range of developer tools. WP-CLI, Bash, Drush, Laravel, Genesis, and Symphony are just a few of the many modules and tools available in shared plans.
GIT also comes preinstalled.

7. Multiple Data Center Locations

Theoretically, keeping your site close to where most of the traffic comes from results in better overall performance. I tested this theory and saw a slow response time when creating my unbiased FastComet web hosting review by obtaining a speed benchmark from across the Atlantic.
FastComet has two server centers in Asia, and three in Europe and the Americas.
Update: As of 2021, FastComet has 11 data centers that have established the company as one of the leading hosting providers in Australia and India.

8. Many free

Free SSL, an SEO suite, across all FastComet shared plans A free chat client, and includes
d $ 75 worth of advertising money.
Even if you do not score a FastComet coupon from a discount site, you are in for a handsome deal, no doubt.
45 days allow more room for experimentation and investigation.

10. Free Migration

FastComet will help you copy an existing site to their server. The shortest plan allows only one stay, while the other from two to three sites.
I sought technical support regarding these limitations and was told that they are negotiable within reason.
not bad.

11. Simple Pricing

FastComet considers an innovative approach to charging.
The initial fee is much lower than those you expect when renewal time is near. This is the standard bit and is outlined very clearly.
However, the advertised initial fees are flat – they do not change based on the length of the initial term.
This simplifies things considerably as you can get very affordable hosting for a month or three years.
Seeing such simplicity makes the mind happy.

Cons of FastComet

FastComet is shaping up to be one of the best hosts I’ve reviewed here at the Hosting Tribunal, but it’s not flawless. For one, FastComet WordPress hosting is exactly the same as a standard shared offering. But this is not the main issue.

1. Misleading Marketing

It seems that the FastComet and InMotion marketing teams have gone to the same school. Both companies sport a device for direct comparison between themselves and competitors.
Most people who read hosting reviews, FastComet or otherwise, rarely check more than three companies, so it is difficult for them to judge objectively whether the comparison found on is true.
Let me help you there: it is not.
As you can see in our case study, the benefits of speed have been prominently shown which is far from the truth.
On you can see direct comparisons like FastComet vs. GoDaddy, FastComet vs. HostGator, etc., but these detailed measurements often contain incorrect information.
Update: FastComet launched a new version of its website in the summer of 2019. Direct comparison is now more accurate. If it receives regular updates, then in my review FastComet will be with the same thief.

2. Limited Disk Space

All FastComet plans come with limited disk space. Generally, the limits are reasonable but are all the same.
15GB is more than enough for the smallest plan as it can host a single site anyway. However, the largest 35GB cap of the three offerings can be realized by users with multiple websites.

Do we recommend FastComet?

FastComet is a relatively small company that has invested heavily in large-scale, modern infrastructure, and it is telling.
Impeccable uptime, very good speed, excellent support, and a large number of technologies available to novices and experienced webmasters alike make FastComet a very strong host.
The pricing is reasonable and simple, while the value provided in return is simply amazing. What’s more, the company offers a full range of hosting products so that businesses can grow there easily. At first glance, FastComet VPS and dedicated solutions look promising.
This is definitely one of the best website hosting companies I’ve tested, but if you disagree with my FastComet review, drop a line below or check out the other hosts we’ve reviewed here, We Tech City In.

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