For this detailed Dreamhost hosting review I purchased the bulk of the two plans offered by the company, created a default WordPress installation, and linked it to several monitoring tools.
Every month I check my DreamHost site performance and share with you the uptime and average speed of this official WordPress host. Dreamhost can make your dream bigger.
These regular measurements are an essential part of my ongoing search for the best website hosting provider 2018 offering.
Here’s what the numbers say about DreamHost and whether it’s the best web host for your needs.

What is Dreamhost?

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting companies. Founded in 1996, this stalwart always ranks among the best hosting providers in the industry.
Its support team receives awards all the time, and the list of DreamHost’s products is long and extensive.
I was very pleasantly surprised by the general usefulness of The site is well organized and easy to navigate, yet the information available is abundant and accessible. It is a storehouse of knowledge.
Company values ​​love open source for anything and everything; WordPress is the biggest beneficiary as DreamHost actively contributes to the huge community of this popular CMS.
Another important thing in the world of Dreamhost is investment in infrastructure and green hosting.
And while all these facts are plausible, the root of the case is, as always, how Dreamhost servers perform.
Impressively, as it turned out.

The Essential – Dreamhost Uptime, Speed ​​and Support

1. Excellent uptime – 99.99%

You know it, and I know it – uptime is the most important factor in determining the usability of any hosting service.
Dreamhost certainly knows this as well, as the company promises 100% uptime and manages to deliver for the most part.
Typically, the best website hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime, but Dreamhost is not afraid to make unimaginable promises. Achieving such great uptime is not an easy thing, but Dreamhost has a very reliable infrastructure and is ready to compensate users for every hour of interruptions. The terms of service state clearly and clearly.
So far, I have no reason to check how quickly the compensation request is handled because with Dreamhost my site has already been enjoying uninterrupted service for over two months.
Average Uptime 2018 – 100%
 2019 – 99.96%
 2020 – 99.99%
January – 100%
February – 100%
March – 99.98%
DreamHost records one of the most impressive uptimes I’ve ever seen.”

2. Excellent speed

Third response time – 0.19 seconds (second)
 loaded time – 0.96s (sixth)
 load – 0.30s (fourth)
If you run a speed test on My Domain, the results may fluctuate slightly. Two tests from the same test platform also generally show slightly different results. My Dreamhost site is hosted in Virginia, so I tested it from US locations. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.
Online, it is the loading speed that distinguishes between the best and the rest. Slow sites, no matter how informative, valuable, and well-designed they are, abandonment rates are very good. There is no way around it; With today’s high-speed Internet, users expect reactive pages that load seamlessly across all devices.
Dreamhost sites are fast.
If you decide to host your web page on Dreemhost, its speed will be guaranteed. Without any customization
I am constantly checking on my Dreamhost WordPress site and the results are consistently impressive. Of all the providers I’ve reviewed so far, Dreamhost is in the top 3 fastest to respond regularly and fully load. I check its performance with three different tools and my original WordPress site sees stellar results on all of them.
What’s more, the Dreamhost server handles the barrage of incoming requests with remarkable ease when under load. Back in August, I sent 50 virtual users who generated 288 concurrent connections and the average response time was 0.249 seconds!
I was stunned by the performance. So many users generate simultaneously that multiple connections to the server are more suited to virtual private servers than a shared hosting plan, but here we are: The Dreamhost shared environment handles the load without any hiccups.
Average TTFB in 2018 – 0.26s
2019 – 0.19s
2020 – 0.16s
January – 0.17s
February – 0.16s
March – 0.13s
Avg Fully Loaded Page 2018 – 0.76s
2019 – 1.05s
2020 – 0.96s
January – 1.03s
February – 0.96s
March – 0.93s
Average Response Under Load 2018 – 0.38s
 2019 – 0.25s
 2020 – 0.34s
January – 0.33s
February – 0.29
March – 0.26s
“Dreamhost is the fastest shared hosting provider I’ve measured on this site.”

3. Excellent Support

Looking at the benchmarks I’ve seen so far, it seems that Dreamhost has talented systems and network administrators. Blazing speeds and high uptime are not ejected from thin air. They are the result of hard work and excellent technical expertise applied to powerful hardware.
However, the technologies most users deal with are frontline support. People who answer phones, chat, and answer emails are the face of any shared web hosting company, as they interact with customers the most.
I can tell you immediately that Dreamhost Support is one of the fastest and most knowledgeable technical teams that I have seen.
They are courteous and fast and are well versed in all the intricacies of web hosting.
I chatted with him a few times and inevitably received quick and informative answers. While not as upbeat as the likes of Sitegade, Dreamhost support agents are polite, calm and attentive. Great support, really.
If you are eager to learn about hosting, however, you may never really need the assistance of a technical agent. Dreamhost has a fantastic knowledge base, a great source of technical information that has been presented in a very understandable way.
It was a pleasure to browse through it to refresh my knowledge of Linux hosting.
“Stellar Support Team and one of the best knowledge base I’ve seen.”

Benefits of DreamHost

DreamHost isn’t the only hosting company with great support, fast servers, and impeccable uptime. This may be the only one that empowers the end user as much, however.

1. 97-Day Money Back Guarantee – Longest Available

Compared to the 30-day industry standard, the Dreamhost Money-Back Guarantee is extremely lenient.
Just 30 days is not enough to properly assess how good a web host is. Especially if you are a new, inexperienced webmaster, the better part of the first month will go to setup tasks and barely any publicity. Even with a clear strategy, proper SEO and solid outreach you are unlikely to see much traffic in the first month.
I’m clarifying this because a website behaves in a way when it’s only browsed by you and your mother – which probably doesn’t stray too far from the home page anyway – and when viewed by a crowd of users It is very different. As more users pile up, as more new clients are added to the database, as more sessions are handled in real time, you can actually see the subtlety of a web host.
So the extra time to play with things and test them properly is one such advantage.
Dreamhost offers the longest money-back guarantee in the world of hosting. Because of its policy of offering pro-rata refunds for prepaid services canceled prematurely, only A2 Hosting can truly compete with this.

2. Optimized for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website building platform. Nothing even comes close to its market penetration.
Dreamhost is one of the official WordPress hosts, with SiteGade and Bluehost. The company has a very powerful managed WordPress hosting (DreamPress), but it also sports WordPress-optimized shared plans.
Among other things, each fresh WordPress installation comes with caching plugins configured for maximum performance. Out of curiosity, I ran some speed tests (not published here) with caching enabled and my Dreamhost site loaded even faster.
If you intend to use WordPress, Dreamhost is definitely among the top hosting providers and not just because of the extra-fast performance. The support team are WordPress experts, while the knowledge base is full of useful information about WordPress tricks and optimization techniques.

3. Transparent Pricing

Dreamhost is a breath of fresh air.
So many hosts advertise extremely low initial prices to double or triple the fee on service renewal.
In this regard, DreamHost is a very honest and transparent hosting provider. The moment you go to the plan details, you can see how the fee changes: Preparing for a year or more reduces the price, but that’s all.
There are no hidden fees, no surprising increase in pricing.
For comparison, new customers such as HostGator and GoDaddy attract initial customers with extremely low fees for the initial period and then demand significantly higher tolls.

4. Easy Account Management

Unlike most other popular hosting providers, Dreamhost uses a custom control panel (more on this below) that combines hosting management, domain registration, and billing into one.
You have a one-man army, such easy access to everything is a great convenience. Hosts that use cPanel (practically all the other hosting companies reviewed here) have a dedicated customer area for billing and basic service management and then cPanel for the actual hosting-related operations.

DreamHost combines both and very easy access to

Enables funding The latter is important if you own several websites that are managed by different people.

But it gets even better: if you have a VPS or dedicated server, you can use the same control panel

Wish them.

5. Free backup

Digital data and backup must always run concurrently. As the old saying goes, three things are certain: death, taxes and data loss.
Dreamhost Etiquette creates a backup that extends up to two weeks in advance. It is very easy to access them directly through the control panel, even though the options are somewhat limited, as you can only get the latest, mid-range and oldest available backups. You cannot choose a specific restoration date.
Still, it’s much better than no backup.
There is no restoration fee and the recovery process is very simple.

6. Supported many technologies

All shared hosting solutions have an internal disadvantage called limited access. There is no way around it, in fact, because a server’s resources have to be distributed among hundreds of users.
Without delving into the technicalities, take my word that properly configuring such a machine is a complex balancing act between performance and security and, frankly, human stupidity.
As a result, many shared hosting platforms place strict limitations on what scripts and technologies can be used on them.
Dreamhost is not the most generous in this regard, but its shared hosting platform still allows the use of many useful tools and applications.
A full list of what can run on the Dreamhost server can be found here.

7. Excellent Site Builder

Not so long ago Dreamhost developed its website building tool called Remixer.
I must admit that my experience with it is very limited, but what I saw is a very decent site builder, with a wide variety of themes, very good functionality, and reasonably lean coding. The latter is important to boost site speed and performance.

8. Free SSL

DreamHost has partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL to all users. This is something that we see more and more often, but I am still troubled by the widespread adoption of free secure certificates. Just a few years ago, their fees matched the annual hosting price.

9. Transparent Website

Dreamhost is one of the companies with a very user friendly website. In terms of both navigation and language, information about anything becomes easily accessible.
Everything is explained in sufficient detail without crossing the ups and downs and glamorous promises.

Cons of dreamhost

Dreamhost is an excellent hosting provider, but it is perfect. There are some drawbacks that prevent it from topping the rankings in the We Tech City here.

1. Paid Migration Exclusively for WordPress Sites

Generally, Dreamhost does not provide migration services.
The only exception to the rule applies to WordPress installations led to DreamPress accounts, but transferring a site will cost you $ 99.
The Dreamhost Self-Help Center has a relatively detailed article on how to do manual migration. It covers all the steps of copying files, databases and emails from one server to another, but that’s about it.
On the surface, this sounds like a reasonable guide, but the real issues start after copying files as migrating sites from one host to another (even though both use, say, cPanel) rather than copy-paste. The process is much more complex. Typically, this involves a lot of manual tweaking and troubleshooting, even if the migrated sites are small.

2. Very limited 1-click install

Most all popular website hosts use SoftCools to provide automated, simple installation and configuration of tens and sometimes hundreds of commonly used applications. Dreamhost provides access to only a handful of people.
Even popular content management systems such as Drupal and Magento must be installed manually.

3. The control panel lacks some functionality

Earlier in this Dreamhost review, I said some good words about the customer control panel. In fact, this quick and easy to navigate all-in-one solution has its own merits, but it also lacks some functionality.
 Even the most inexperienced users can learn how to manage their files directly through a browser in minutes.
On DreamHost, the only way to access your files directly is through FTP. Not that this is a bad thing, because FTP clients are faster and more secure than web browsers, but I find the lack of direct access strange.
Another thing missing is a WordPress login button. Many control panels either log you directly into the WordPress admin area with the click of a button or at least send you to the admin login page. Nothing like this is available on DreamHost.

Note that the second and third points are not real boundaries. Technically knowledgeable users will have no problem setting up the apps they need, and file access via the FTP client Much safer than browser.

Nevertheless, these are features that practically all great website hosting providers have by default, and the absence is worth mentioning.

Do we recommend Dreamhost?

Without a doubt, yes!
Thanks to its awesome technical support, speed and reliability, Dreamhost is an excellent website hosting provider.
A possible drawback for some may be the custom Dreamhost control panel, which is not as functional as cPanel and (potentially) asks for a slightly higher degree of technical competency. On the other hand, Dreamhost support and self-help centers are fantastic and learning the essentials of hosting – FTP, basic WordPress management – is easy and will always be easy.
If you are looking for a quick and robust hosting solution that can meet the growing needs of any website and especially WordPress, then look no further than Dreamhost. This is a very solid option.

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